Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Welcome to our new blog and website. We created this blog because we have a passion for real food. We're sisters in two different states, but want to share our practical ideas for how to eat real food with as many people as we can!  The last two years we have changed our ways of eating dramatically. Both of us used to eat a pretty standard American diet.  We have always had to work hard to watch our weight, count calories, watch portions, etc.  But, we didn't think too much about the types of foods we were eating. Sure, we knew vegetables were good for you, but we didn't eat enough of them.  Luckily we loved vegetables, so it wasn't hard to make them the center of our diet when we both decided to.  

Through working at two different Holistic Health Centers we discovered how important it is to have the right balance of foods in our diet.  Once we started cooking all real foods and special diets, we came up with a number of ways to make such a whole foods diet possible with a busy family lifestyle. We work and have busy lives with family and kids.  We're excited to share with you a number of practical tips and recipes for how this all works on an everyday basis!  

We also created the discussion forum so that everyone can get in on the conversation and ask questions, share recipes, or tell their story for others to hear. We'd love to hear everyone's story about their journey to health whether it's about striving to add more real foods to your diet, eating an all plants based diet, or doing a special diet (such as gluten or dairy free).  Thanks for joining us on the journey to health!

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