Sunday, October 13, 2013

Must See Food Documentaries

When our family changed our lifestyle and started to eat "clean" we learned a lot from the holistic health center I worked at. We also watched a number of documentaries that were eye opening. If you're just starting to learn about real foods and avoiding the processed junk in the average American's diet- start here to learn a ton about what is going on in industrialized food processing. But don't say we didn't warn you! You may just never go back...and we hope you don't. Food is medicine and education is a powerful step to making changes for your health.

1.  Food Inc
This film touches on the politics of food production, farming, obesity and disease in our 21st-century diet.

2.  Food Matters
This film shows that what we eat really does matter and how it affects our health, mood and happiness.

3.  Forks over Knives
Despite our advanced technology, this movie investigates the “disease of affluence” that can be controlled or reversed by avoiding meat and processed food.

4.  Fat Sick & Nearly Dead
One mans journey to do juicing and change his life.

5. Fast Food Nation
Showing the dark side of the all-American meal, this film examines the local and global influences of fast food.

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